I opened up Bed 11 and found that all the poppies had completely rotted away, leaving beautiful soil. I must think more about green manure and possibly leaving beds open for the crop to be killed by frost. This would help build up the bed filling without just buying compost all the time.
(There are two robins in this picture: one in the bed and one on the post on the other side of the chicken wire.)

I added a sprinkling of coffee from my full 20 litre bucket, and I need to add a layer of compost to it.

I put coffee over where I’d weeded on the right and moved some cornflowers into the gaps. One is particularly big. Hopefully they’ll now self-seed in the boundary bed.

The new coconut (which I’d tied to the tree after yesterday’s theft) was on the floor and pecked clean. Seems like I might not be able to put up any more without some kind of crow prevention.

In the afternoon I weeded the triangle, constantly accompanied by the robins. I pulled up the kalette and chopped it up for the compost. I’m hoping a bird might notice all the whitefly and enjoy a snack.