The bitter melons finally had female flowers open, with male flowers open too. I didn’t see any pollinators on them, but there were lots of bees on plants nearby. Fingers crossed!

Over on the ledge, it’s a mixed bag, with some taller plants and the climbers trying, but not exactly flourishing. Lots of seedlings have suddenly appeared though and I’ve a feeling that they’re just weeds. There’s  a lot of grass coming up and I know for sure that’s fallen through the fence.

The coleus is doing very well and is a good centrepiece. It’s so much bigger than the previous coleuses I had ever managed to be.

The gourds are all fine and seem to be getting some stripes here and there. The Turks turbans are pretty huge. I’m pretty confident that there’s a female flower coming from the pumpkin now, but it’s so behind the times.

One of the volunteer tomatoes by the runner beans now has a flower on it. Maybe we’ll get a volunteer tomato after all!

Mum mowed the grass this morning, so it all looks lovely down there. A few of the beds are starting to look a bit ragged and half-empty, so I’m trying to work out what perennials I can use for them next year. I need a bit more perma-filling for the boundaries. (Still.)