We had a little bit of rain earlier and I finally got myself around to giving the fruiting plants another feed. I did all the gourds and the tomatoes, as well as the bitter melons.

I did some edging around the front gourd bed and yin yang beans – and pulled out a bunch of weeds from the gourds. I can’t wait to see what the final harvest of my gourds will look like. A few of the back ones are turning a bit yellow, the turks turbans have turned orange and that big gourd/pumpkin may or may not turn blue, depending on its true identity…

The French beans, like the runner beans and tomatoes don’t stop coming, so there was another basket full of food to take home even though that’s not why I went down there.

The yin yang beans are swelling nicely now. Nice to be able to leave them to do their own thing now.