I’ve taken the runner bean roots out now and weeded and edged the bed. There were almost no nitrogen nodules on the roots, so those plants really were done for.

Continuing the rolling tidy up, I’ve cut down the finished sweetcorn stalks and cut them up for the compost heap.

This is the prettiest gladiolus so far. It had fallen over a bit, so I took it home for the vase. They have reasonable vase life, which is better than having them being pretty down the allotment while I’m not there during the week.

The two JBLs are suddenly looking much more orange.

In the afternoon I finished tidying up Bed 3 and edged it. I can’t wait to get rid of the big slope at the front of the bed, so I can stop falling down it. The big coreopsis is still flowering. I’m not entirely sure if it’ll come back next year, but it could do with being moved a little further into the bed.