Having had a few caterpillars on our plates – and with not much broccoli left – I decided to remove the netting. It was the small cabbage white that had somehow got through. It if it had been the large one, I expect the plants would have been history by now. I did a very careful examination of each piece I harvested.

I did a huge amount of deadheading. It might be a time suck, but it’s rather therapeutic and enjoyable.

The borlottos are turning towards a different stage of dry. I need to harvest them when I can hear  them rattling in the pods. One pod had split open, so I picked it to see how the beans are doing. They might be Christmas presents this year, depending on the size of the harvest.

The big sunflower has now bent so low that I can’t walk under it. I need to cut it down before anyone helps themselves to the seeds and ruins its look.

The gourds are also close to harvest too. It won’t be long before the office starts filling up.

I’d come down after work and my shed looked rather lovely in the setting sun with all the marigolds in front of it.