I’ve weeded and resown the second lot of veg and I believe I’ve managed to keep the two carrots that grew in place.

I had brought a bunch of plants from the grow house – which still has a few little things in it. I’ve put some marigolds and zinnias in the left boundary to help fill it in.

I’ve added some clary plants to Bed 3. I think they won’t mind dry soil, but also went in fairly wet, having had a seaweed soak in the shed overnight.

A couple of clary plants aren’t looking too hot, as they have white fly on them. I’ve given them a good spray and I’ll leave them in the pot for now to see if they recover.

Another beetroot has gone wrong. I felt the leaves of the others and they still feel fresh, so I hope they’ll be ok. I clearly need to keep an eye on them, in case there’s something in the soil.