I’ve planted out the runner beans. It’s very early, but I started them earlier than I needed to and we only have warm night ahead. They were about three feet long, so getting to be a nuisance at home. I broke one, but it should be fine. I shall be sowing seed direct in between the plants, as they’re currently double spaced.

On the other side of the netting I’ve sown purple and mixed candytuft seed all along. I realised that the blackbird seems to have avoided beds with string in them, so I strung a zigzag across where I’d sown the seed.

I’ve planted out the cornflowers into Bed 7 – and only later did I realise that yet again I’d forgotten that I’m meant to putting a pumpkin in this bed. I’ve put seed all over the place too, so it might be that I have to shift some flowers if they’re in the way. The pumpkins aren’t ready to go out yet though.

I had an amount of cornflower seed left over, so I’ve put it among the slow verbenas on the left, at the front of the front border, a few in Bed 3, and behind the poorly salvia near the elder tree (it has a few green sprouts at the base).

There’s still no sign of veg, so I’ve resown the first lettuce row. I’ve also sown a similar mix at home in the trough pot.

At home I put the grow house up and sowed some more clary (killed the others) and sow a small tray of Peppermint Rock cosmo too, so as to combat my eternal fear that there will be a hole somewhere. The borders have already almost filled, so I just have to wait slightly longer than I think each year.