The very first parsnip is up. No sign of any others yet.

I did weeding, digging up grass, and deadheading all around the plot, including cutting back grass that’s coming through the fences. Like with tying up the everlasting peas, I want to try and keep on top of this, even if in some cases it’s just breaking off grass at ground level.

The flower seed I had broadcast in Bed 7 was starting to come up, so we took off the plastic and found that the broccoli netting fits beautifully. Now the flower seeds and all the volunteer gourds  are free to grow without the blackbird digging them up. I also need to sow more seed in this bed.

We put up the netting in Bed 9, ready for the runner beans. THere’s a bit tacked on the end to make it reach. I have other pieces of netting, but if I need netting for here next year, I’ll probably need a new set.