A photo of the tomatoes at last. On the left, a sampling of the Red Alerts and on the right, the first Pink Bumble Bees.

I need to spray a bunch of blackfly around the place, but the first little tiny runner beans have arrived.

The first calendula has also arrived, among the cornflowers in the centre of bed 1. Only the left is a little clary with white-tipped leaves. The big, robust clary is behind it and I think that’s a dahlia to the left.

The dahlias are coming up ok, except for the one that died for no apparent reason in the long bed. The top¬†keeps trying to survive, but I’m not sure it’s going to do it. On the right is probably a weed, but I’m intrigued to see what it’s going to do.

The quinoa are all going great guns – but have a bit of blackfly. I hope to have a good range of colour from the row.

Just in time for my weekend visitors, the flowers really are waking up now. The boundary nasturtiums are doing quite well and one of them has finally thrown out a climbing vine.