I finally sprayed all the blackfly that had settled under the runner beans leaves and were here and there on the tomato plants. The tomato plant that is essentially just sideshoots is doing remarkably well, as is the one that had a big injury to its stem and was planted deeper in the ground. The sweet peas and anything else that needed it were deadheaded.

I’ve resown the dead runner bean, plus more carrots and beetroot. It may have been the heat that meant that the veg hasn’t been germinating well.

We watered all around, but the astilbe has died. I tried to keep it watered, but it doesn’t tolerate any degree of dryness unfortunately.

The first blanket flower is on its way. To be honest, I’d forgotten that a lot of these green plants are the gaillardia that I’d put in. If I’m lucky, they’ll survive for next year too and I can move them into the boundaries.

A slug has been up this dahlia and chewed off the top, but I’ll leave it as is, in case it can resprout anything useful. It was a good reminder that I’d been meaning to throw some slug pellets around though and I did the whole plot. Liberally.