We had some mad rain earlier in the day, but I hadn’t really noticed how breezy it had been. So I perhaps should have expected the runner beans to be bent over again. The wind and weight of the frame had pulled the guy rope stakes through the wet ground. I’ve hammered everything back in and tried to stuff the enlarged holes with more canes.

The plants don’t look to happy, some dead leaves and a lot of droopy yellow ones. The cucumber leaves were yellow too, which I’m taking simply as all the rain having washed away all the nutrients. So I fed everything with tomato food, hoping that they’ll cheer up.

A couple of Jack Be Littles have now appeared, with more female flowers on the way.

Some more compost had been dragged out, so I took the front off the heap and scraped up what I could. At the moment I can’t see an obvious way in to the centre, so I’m hoping that there isn’t a nest in there, it’s just idle mess-making. I want to attach some of the fencing to the back of the pallet so there’s no longer an easy way in though.

I thought the gladioli were all going to be blind again, but I’ve noticed a couple of flower stems by the apple tree. I’ll have to keep an eye out for others around the place.