Lots of seedlings are doing well at home.

The big poppy is out, as well as the first white ranunculus. The allium that I put in the ledge very recently have already started coming up. There are loads of plums on the tree. Perhaps not just the wasps will get a look in this year.

We put up two lengths of the jute netting between poles. It’s a very nice product and so wide that we were able to split one length into two, so I still have a spare. It’s tied and stapled to the branch poles.

After lunch we fetched all the guttering from Wickes, ready for the weekend. Later in the day I planted all the cucamelons and runner beans in their new homes. A couple of cucamelon tendrils can already reach the netting. Back home I potted up the 3 left over runner beans and moved all the tomatoes into bigger pots to get bigger before transplanting.

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