I made wire props for the tomatoes, as they haven’t stood back up. The basketball hoop design I used is much better than the arches that they would always fall in between, no matter how many you used.

At the plot John put up the guttering while I watered things with the water that had to be emptied from the butts in order to move them. I also edged the grass and did a massive tidy up in the shed. John also fixed the shed door sticking by giving it a massive shove. Some of the potatoes are now up.

After lunch we went down as a whole army. John fixed the trellis to the fence posts with batons that take up the gap that meant Suzy and I couldn’t just do that in the first place.

Mum and Dad cut down the dead tree and the girls and I filled a bucket with dry twigs from the top of the tree. That’s enough for the compost. The rest will go in the brown bin. John sawed off the stump and now you can barely see a sign of it. Dad mowed the grass, with my push along mower that miraculously worked, having been very picky about the slightest bit of uneven terrain at home.

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