Easter weekend and time for gardening. I’ve sown:

  • 4 x pumpkin
  • 4 x JBL
  • 6 x nasturtium

The pumpkins are indoors, but the nasturtiums are in the grow house in an effort to get them to grow slowly. It was a nice day, so i put my tray of seedlings outside from the office, but I think I overdid it and the little tomato seedlings look poorly now. I think I do this every year, putting things outside too soon, so I’ll resow the tomatoes to get backups underway.

Lots of errands were done at the allotment. We delivered a sack of grass cuttings to the compost heap, returned some plastic rolls, uncovered Bed 2. Terry and Rourke carried 4 sacks of manure and 6 bags of compost from the car and put them where they need to be for work on Sunday and Monday.

I strimmed all the edges, making the place look so much better. Bed 3 is looking very hopeful – lots of new tulips have arrived and the first signs of irises have come up. The apple tree has the first little signs of growth now too.