Against the big ol’ gusts on wind and doing our best to avoid the newly waterlogged areas, Mum and I bagged up the latest pile of rubbish to take home for the brown bin. Then after a bit of digging we got a good job jobbed in that we marked out almost all the beds. We ran out of markers at the end, so a couple of beds remain to be done. One also overlaps into the current compost heap, which is high on my hit list.

Plot markers

Seeing the plot suddenly take shape like this was rather lovely, as was walking along the designated paths and confirming that it all makes sense and is traversable. It’s certainly not your typical allotment with a few big rectangular beds; this is a garden designed by someone whose grasp on gardening reality is not always firm, but damn it, this is mine and I’ll do it my way.

The marked out areas can be dug any time and it’s now easier for help to be coerced, as people can set to work within a boundary and know that it’s safe to dig up everything they see – which will mostly be docks, buttercups and grass.

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