Finally, a sunny day after so much rain. There was an amount of blanket weed in the pond, but the water was so much clearer that I could see the pot that the iris is in. Its new shoot is also now visible. The elodea has floated to the top. I don’t really want it to be my main oxygenator, but it’ll do while the hornwort sleeps. I picked off an amount of blanket weed, which is fine, but it’s clear I’m going to need more water cover. Frogbit or arrowhead maybe?

Happily the pole was still in place, it had simply slipped an inch or two. Without a staple to hand at that moment, I tied a length of twine around the screw and onto the fence. I’ll replace this with something stronger when I can.

I was desperate to get the garlic in, but ultimately ran out of energy before lunch, having not allowed for uncovering the bed and finding it wet and compacted. I left it open and hoped that today’s sun would dry it out a little.

Over in Bed 3 I’ve got a nice pile of tete a tetes and found a purple crocus hiding underneath the foxglove in the centre.

The hawthorn under the tree is coming into leaf and is already quite a robust little tree. I’ll certainly let it grow for now. Maybe it can ultimately help hold up the elder.

The triangle bed is a horror show. The path grass is getting long at the edges and the bed itself never got an autumn tidy up. So it’s just full of grass and mess.