Shed day! The shed was delivered a week ago and in the meantime Mum and I have used a clear preservative on all the pieces, so it was ok to sit out in the rain and I didn’t need to really turn the screws on myself to finally make a decision on what colour to paint it. Dad also dug up some rubberised paint and we used that on the wooden beams that the shed will sit on. They’ll be dandy to sit on the ground now.

John came down to take the lead on construction and set up my camera to record a timelapse of operations too. While the larger folk were putting up the shed, I was going great guns on more deconstruction and sifting the compost heap and making a new heap of gifted compost … all out of shot, ha ha. So that and the fact that I spent an amount of time inside the shed, sorting out all the fixings for the builders explains much of my apparent absence!

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