Suddenly we’re at that point in the year where you have to start putting seeds in pots if you want things to start coming alive earlier than you may have previously bothered. I set up a little potting station and fill numerous holes with compost for two different kinds of sweet peas, nasturtiums and coreopsis. ¬†There’ll be some successional sowing going on, along with a mix of indoor sowing and later sowing straight into the beds. There’s a big ol’ plan I’ve written – which after my last class at the Adult Education Centre, I now want to tweak a bit.

Seed sowing

The plan that I’d started some time ago and rediscovered the other day also revealed that some scattering of flower seed was relatively imminent. The trouble being that the flower beds aren’t what you’d call dug right now. So after a morning of seed sowing, I did a stint at the allotment, digging in compost that had been dumped on top of the prepared beds and doing the first turn over of various others. It did at least dawn on me that some beds are much lower priority, since their seeds won’t even been sown indoors for a while yet, so I can prioritise and not feel too overwhelmed. Yet.

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