The ledge has gone from being my problem area to being the one of the best beds – and the one that wakes up first.

All three rows of veg are up: rainbow chard, beetroot and carrots. Plus a load of new weeds in between.

I’ve planted out four of the delphiniums: light blue, purple, white and pink. I hope the slugs aren’t interested.

A delphinium has finally gone in. There are three more to go … somewhere. They were bought long ago, before the lockdown, I think!

I’ve put two little yellow geums in on the front bed and by the trellis. The trellis bed is about full and the front bed isn’t far off. I’ve clearly put down more seed than I remember, as I seemed to be digging up seedlings every time I put my trowel in. Where I continued to dig, I tried to save as many as I could. I want to put a yellow geum near the shed, but there’s definitely something sown there, so I’m going to wait a little longer and see what comes up. I can pot on if the plant needs it.

I smashed more off the old tree stump and dislodge lots of angry red ants without getting bitten. The stump isn’t about to come out yet, but it’s so much smaller than 4 years ago! I moved a being calendula to the other side of the poppy (hoping it’ll survive as it’s big) and then put the big orange geum in the middle. With that, the majority of the triangle is now full and self-sufficient.

I’ve pulled up another big pile of grass from the mint and lemon balm. Still more to go, but it was good progress, with a lot of it coming up by the root.

I gave the middle bed its second dig and put up the obelisk. Always a key moment in the year!