I did a bunch of deadheading in bed 1. I’m letting the centre circle of cornflowers go to seed now and have started gathering the seed. There’s a calendula flower or two that have died off enough that I’ll leave them to seed too, but mostly I’m still deadheading.

I pulled up some nettles coming through the fence and also sprayed a few with weedkiller, including those down the side of the shed.

The pink bumblebees are going quite well and the red alerts have pretty much reached the point of now needing to wait for the green ones to ripen. Slugs have been climbing the plants and eating the fruits here and there. I’ve cleared out a bit of the overgrown grass around the base to try and discourage them. Could just put down some pellets, but that would have involved walking to the shed…

At least one of those apples will be bird food, but one will be worth sampling by humans. A previous one was almost ok, but a bit hard and not fully sweet.