Everything survived while I was away. I made it down to the plot in the afternoon, pretty tired, but I woke up once I was there.

Lots of flowers are opening and the poppies are getting bigger and bigger all over the plot. I wonder if they’ll be set to be an annual treat now? Some of the sunflowers were looking pretty sad, but hopefully a good watering will have perked them up. There’s no rain in sight.

There  are some pretty places where flowers are mingling with each other of their own accord. These boundaries are indeed becoming self-sufficient, so I don’t need to worry too much about sowing and raising things at home next year, just make sure I tip seeds on the ground and be done!

I’ve found some flower seedlings coming up in Beds 1 and 5, self-sown from last year. There’s a nasturtium coming up in Bed 5! That’ll be fine to duke it out among the corn and gourds.

The big job I did was to put up netting for the yin yang beans and plant them out. The netting from last year has been measured and bagged up ready for the runner beans and bitter gourds going in very soon. For the yin yang beans, we opened up the untouched netting and cut a 2′ strip off one end. The remainder will be used this year for the jack be littles and gourds, which I hope will be polite enough to actually do some climbing.

I’m hoping my yin yang netting will stay standing pretty well. I’ve put in 8 plants ready to go – and they can have additional canes to help out if need be. Two seeds have also been sown at the end. Then right at the end of the bed, I’m thinking a zinnia can go in there.