Finally, it was time to put the tomatoes in the ground and stop them looking so leggy and impatient at home. Mum helped me put all ten of them in – six in bed 2 as planned and the remaining 4 which were really just meant as backups, but surprisingly everything germinated this year, went into bed. That bed keeps chopping and changing its purpose, making it good for overflow. Putting the tomatoes in rather than a root vegetable meant we didn’t bother scraping off the excess compost and leaves, so that can sit and feed everything / be home to a million red ants for a bit longer.

I went back in the afternoon for another couple of hours toil, though to much less visible effect. I put some defunct dahlia tubers in the compost bin some time ago and today I finally got a few with shoots planted. The two best looking ones have gone into bed 3 with the tomatoes. One little one is in plum corner and another has gone about halfway along the left boundary. A medium-sized one with no shoots, but maybe an eye has gone on the left end of the trellis bed.

There were still a few trays of mad plants in the shed and I finally got a number of them out into the ground. A bunch of morning glory with next to no roots have gone in on the ledge. A few nasturtiums have gone in on the left, at the front and on the right near the obelisk. I found a sweetpea that had come from seed growing happily, so the obelisk might get some flower on it at some point. A few pinched out sweet peas from the trays are now in on the left and front too.