A couple of drops of rain fell this afternoon, but that was all. I had to do some watering to keep things going; it’s all pretty dusty at the plot and my neighbours are getting into rain dance mode.

The direct sown French beans are coming up now. I’ve put a zinnia in at the end of the row and put one at the end of the yin yang beans too.

I cleared out stealthy piles of nettle and vetch from Braeburn corner and later Suzy came and did some weed-picking with me. The more we looked at Bed 7, the more little seedlings that are likely self-sown from last year showed themselves. She gave me some sweet william seeds and we’ve sown them in a pot by the shed.

I’ve tried to sort the veg bed out a little. There’s more seed in it than has germinated, so based on last year I reckon I need to bide my time a little more, rather than put in more seed. I think the angle of the bed may have led to the rows shifting a bit on being watered, but it’s hard to tell exactly. Partly because I’ve put flax in between the rows too. I do need this bed to buck up though.