We went down to plant out the nasturtiums, but it turned into just a weeding visit, as it appears there was a frost last night, which has killed all the runner beans and the cucamelons (but for 2 maybe?). As a result I took the nasturtiums home again as Mr R says another frost may come tonight and I really don’t want to lose them. We weeded the front edge and boundary edge ready for nasturtiums. We removed the canes from trellis to complete that project and cut up more dead plum tree branches from the weekend.

Before going we covered up the cucamelons in case the two can survive and there is indeed another frost tonight. The runner beans will need to be replanted. Funnily enough just the other day I’d noticed from the blog that I’d planted them larger/later last year. A few tips of the potato haulms have been burned by the frost, so I cover them with scoops of the leftover top soil for ease.

At home I resowed the remaining runner beans and cucamelon seeds. The three extra beans at home weren’t touched by the frost, so at least I still have those.

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