I edge the back bed, which was particularly overgrown. I also had to reset a couple of edging pieces, which had wandered out of line. I did some random weeding as I went, and took some weeds up around the plot.

The biggest job was weeding the ledge. It’s quite full, but there are plenty of spaces for other things. I’ve realised that the great salvias can be moved there for example. I got rid of some big weeds and a pile of nettles, and also discovered that Mr B’s bramble had climbed through my apple tree and put down a sucker underneath on the far side!

Another tester apple to try, plus a few tomatoes. I found the abandoned tomatoes where I’d left them in the grass by the shed. Most of them had started going bad, but the biggest one still seems ok, though a bit odd.

Meanwhile, all the ground I’d dug over on Bed 1 has erupted into a sea of little green seedlings.