In the morning I went to the garden centre to spend some birthday money on bulbs. I also stocked up on plant food that was on offer. Then I found I still have loads in the shed, but it’s not a problem as I’m doing pumpkins next year.

Once the fog had lifted I did a shift in the afternoon. I spread office coffee grounds on beds 1,2 and 8.

I got a hedgehog house yesterday, so I hope it will encourage the hedgehog back into the plot. I tidied up the weeds under the apple tree (and got pinned to the fence by a bramble). The ground it a lovely mix of wood chip, rich soil and dead leaves. Perfect for hedgehog food.

I mixed up a bucket of straw and leaves to put inside and around the house.

I’ve done more trellis tidying and pulled up more morning glory¬†mess. The stuff is going to be all over that bed next year. I wonder if it would like to climb up the planned sweetcorn?

As part of the tidying, I’ve put all the remaining marigolds into Bed 2 as we don’t seem to be in danger of a frost any time soon.