Today was a mammoth edging, weed-picking-as-I-go day, topped off with a mow of the allotment. The robin came to see me again. I’m keeping some sunflower hearts in my pocket now to see if I can get it to come to me. He certainly took a good look at the food I was holding out in my hand.

It was a two person harvest, but the head of the big sunflower has now been chopped off, all intact. The remaining stalk still looks rather nice, so it can stand there a while longer. The head is about 16″ / 40 cm across.

The pumpkins are now stood much more upright and I’ve trimmed off excess foliage. The pumpkins are orange all over, so it won’t be long before they come home. There’s a huge amount of weeds in all that straw, so that’ll be going to the bin rather than the compost heap.

I was doing pick weeding as I went around and discovered a dead carrot frond, which led to this squishy carrot. No idea why it’s like that.