What a beautiful day, sunny and warm. As I walked down the path, a friend of Mr T told me, “Donna Verducci”. At least I thought he did, but it turned out he’d just said “Don’t overdo it”, as it’ll rain tomorrow.

I uncovered the onion bed to give a little dig over and found that it was delightfully easy. Now, that was good soil anyway, but other than that, there were just a few blanched dock plants that came out pretty easily.

I also uncovered one end of the new potato bed where I covered the grass last year to extend the bed. Underneath there’s a bunch of yellow grass/clover and a few docks. The clover came up pretty easily in a pad, so let’s hope that the grass acts pretty much the same when I get to it. At this point at least, the start of the season is looking a whole lot easier than last year, when the ground was just being broken into beds.

After lunch I went back for a quick weeding stint, taking a stool to sit on in a successful attempt to try and save my back etc a bit. The left hand bed isn’t too weedy and I got about two thirds of it done from the shed down. The physostegia is expanding nicely and there’s a clump of something lush doing well that we’ll have to wait a little longer to remember what it is exactly.

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