More manure has gone to the plot and by the end of the day I was fairly sure that I’ll have slightly more than enough. No problem; at least some of the remainder will help further fill Bed 3.

After sprinkling homemade compost over the rest of Bed 7, the next job was planting the garlic. I’ve put in 22 Picardy Wight cloves in two rows. They’ll get watered by the rain coming tomorrow.

I did everything I could for Bed 10: edging it, lining with 6-8 sheets of newspaper, Hügel sticks and filling it with manure. It needs a little of my compost and a topping of shop compost. I’ve covered my reduced heap of compost for now to stop it being washed away by the coming rain.

I went back in the afternoon but I was too knackered and it was too cold and windy for me to want to commit to cutting more cardboard edging. So I pottered about for an hour and started some gardening clearing up. I cut down the helianthus, where there’s some grass that needs to come out. I cleared up some geums as they’re springing to life again, and did a bunch of pick weeding on the ledge.