The rain has not really let up much, but there was a break today, so Mum and I went down to make whatever progress we could. There was standing water in various places, including under the shed, about halfway up the base timbers it sits on.

The obelisk had been uprooted by the wind and is now in the shed along with everything else for winter. We got the trellis bed, back bed and runner bean bed weeded (well enough), composted and covered. Mum did the composting while I carried on with weeding whatever I could to make a difference in other beds. Bed 1, in particular, is close to being done.

The middle bed is surrounded by deep water though, so there’s no point in trying to do anything to it at the moment. My waterproof socks do indeed work, but the water would be mostly over the tops of my shoes. So that and the yin yang bean bed will have to wait a while.

I went back after lunch and composted from the apple tree to the point of the triangle. I then weeded, again “well enough” from that point to the elder and composted it.

The front bed is mostly weeded too. There’s a bit by the tree I need to do and a little at the right end of the bed. Down by the gate is a little heartsease that has blown in from somewhere.

Since we wanted to cover the runner bean bed, I pulled up all the carrots that were left and got a big bowlful of varying sizes.