The sun has started shining and is set to shine all next week – hurray! So I put together the grow house and set it up in the courtyard.

Now that the topsoil has gone, I can properly get at the door of the front compost bin. There’s certainly a bottom layer of brown stuff, but there’s plenty of room in there for new material to be added. The compost caddy has now come back to the house for veg scraps.

I weeded around the apple tree a bit, getting rid of some docks, vetch and bindweed. Then I managed to get all along the front of the trellis and to where the ranunculus is coming up. It gets trickier from there though, not least because I’m not sure to what extent the plant life there is ranunculus and how much might be marauding buttercup.

I’ve found the other bear’s breeches! For future reference, the left one is back from the point of the flower bed and the right one is near the fence post.

The weeding in this last stretch is a big job, but one that I can at least start with the big fork, rather than the hand fork. Once this stretch is done back to the elder, that’s it, the boundary is done and it’s on to trying to prep the middle beds.