I dug up all the sweetcorn stalks and dug over most of the bed to pick up all the weeds. The earth was pretty dry, but dusty, not concretey. Meanwhile Mum was weeding the onion bed and edging it. It needed a bit of adjustment to bring it back to 5′ x 5′.

When she was done we swapped beds and I manured the onion bed while she carried on with the sweetcorn bed. Then when I was done with the muck spreading, she was done with the weeding. It needed brand new plastic for covering, as it had previously had the second-hand polythene, which I wanted to be smarter. A double width covered all but the end foot or so. So since that bed is going to need some remeasuring and edging, we’ll do that when we manure it and then cut the second piece of polythene.

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