Good Friday and time for some gardening at last. Having had a bit of a rake through my Normandy oak leaves, I found a lot of twigs and sprouting acorns, which confirmed the need to mow them. Mum and I mowed the content of all the bags and we’ll repack them in new sacks at the plot. The leaves have already done some good decomposition, so it might only be a year before the leaf mould is ready to use.

Before I could sow seeds I needed to make my compost mix. I hydrated the coir, mixing two blocks with half a bag of peat-free compost. I think it’s made a pretty good mix of material and nutrients. This amount was enough for more than 6 trays.

I’ve now sown:


3 x Cucumber – Burpless Tasty Green
2 x Courgette – Soleil
3 x Uchiki kuri
4 x Broccoli – Tenderstem
9 x Sweetcorn
3 x Cherry tomato – Gold nugget
4 x Plum tomato – Roma
5 x Tomato – Ferline

8 x Dwarf sunflowers
10 x Nasturtium – Orchid Flame
10 x Zinnia – Jazz
40 x Morning glory (2 per cell)
4 x Cosmos – Peppermint rock
4 x Rudbeckia – Chocolate orange (last chance to see if these will ever germinate)
8 x Snapdragons – Sachmo
5 x Malope
15 x Cornflowers (hardy)
5 x Californian poppies (hardy)