Germination rates have not been good this year. Only a third of my marigold come tray has come up so far, even after resows. Nasturtiums either didn’t turn up or are all leggy because they’re inside. So I’ve done a new tray of marigold and sown more nasturtiums, candytuft and zinnia. These have all gone into the grow house, with the hope for warmer weather giving them the right growth rate now.

The magnificent tray of morning glory has turned out to be a seed mix up – they’re an unnecessary tray of corn cockle. So I guess some will be donated to home. I’ve packed up some old seed to take and scatter at the plot once the next beds are ready.

I thought I was only going to get 8 (half) of my sweet peas, but not long after pinching out those 8, more seeds have germinated.