I weeded all along the ledge and did the same broadcast sowing as usual with larkspur, Californian poppy and mixed candytuft.. I put some corn cockle at the back where the everlasting peas have a bit of a hole, and sowed alyssum at front.

Bed 11 is now looking much better than before. It had turned quite green with mostly poppy seedlings and I’ve now weeded the whole bed. Since I was at the back of the plot, the birds were back on the feeder, including a great tit.

I also had a wonderful visitor when a baby robin flew into the bed and tackled a huge worm. I wish the robins would return to the plot.

When I was sitting on the ground, I saw how good the pond looked and how settled into the allotment it now is.

The hellebore now has new shoots coming at the base. I need to make sure I remove old flowers and leaves as needed to encourage growth.

All the weeding is now done. It’s now a matter of waiting for the seeds to come up – and weeds are already coming up among seedlings in front bed.