I’ve finally cleared all the pond soil off Bed 1 and used it to fill various holes in car park – including where I got stuck in the mud on Thursday. I then covered all the patches with grass seed and went over the big bare patch where the broken shed had lain for so long.

Bed 1 is now open and I’ve roughed it up. It still needs weeding though. It’s covered in ant hills, so I could do with some help from the birds. They’re getting braver, but at they’ll surely peck around when I’m not there.

I’ve put in some apple sticks to try and keep the everlasting peas from immediately going through the fence. They might just help a little.

My transplanted foxgloves are close to flowering and broadcast seeds are coming up. I’m hoping that the red-edged leaves are godetia, which will seed down for years to come like it has at home. 

I did a pretty good preliminary tidy and sweep of the shed. It still needs a proper turnout, but there’s now room to stand and move. It helped that I foisted a bucket of coffee grounds onto Mr B too.