The big lupins have big flower spikes coming too! I might need to get more lupins if they’re going to grow like this. The new verbena is doing well. Let’s see if that wants to grow as well at the lupins. Over in the left boundary, the delphiniums are trying, with varying levels of success. One seems not to have a main stalk, but has various side shoots it’s sending up to flower.

The new netting turned up just after we’d left for the plot, so Mum went back for it while I tied in the string around the cucumber frame. Even after 50mph gusts, the frames hadn’t moved and the wound string magically hadn’t slackened either.

We hung the new netting on the bean frame and I’ve planted 8 runner beans. They were too big to get copper rings over them, so I’m hoping that just slug pellets will keep everyone at bay tonight.

We made a new style of frame for the uchiki kuri, threading a can through the top of the netting and then setting that horizontal bar on top of two apex bean pole ends. Then we tied everything in and put a short pole through the bottom of the netting at the sides, so as to make the netting hang slightly off-centre, leaving room to put in the plants.

There’s room at the front end of the row to put something else in, perhaps a zinnia. That then still leaves me a bit of a view to Bed 3 from the gate.

I’ve put 2 courgette plants into the middle bed. There’s some space at the top end, having put the cucumber wigwam off centre, but I’ve not decided what that will be yet. Needs to be something of reasonable size, otherwise it’ll just look like I’ve got the wigwam in the wrong place. Again, might be a flower.