I finally trimmed the scraggy bits of hawthorn at end of the path to stop them scratching my car – my contribution to the groundskeeping! My neighbours and I are lucky that Mr R has taken great care of the grass over the summer, mowing it regularly for us all.

I installed the bug hotel I’ve had half-ready at home on the window sill and added cut lengths of cane and a few handfuls of leaves. Countdown now to a blackbird pulling it all out. Mum reinforced the trellis against the wind at the top. A couple of panels had come loose, but now they all feel pretty strong.

My new roll of black polythene was put to use and we covered all finished beds and pinned the sheet down with the metal staples. It all looks very smart. I also put the empty terracotta pots into the shed for winter. They’re frost proof, but there’s no need for them not to be sheltered.

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