I removed the sweet pea by the gate, but the others still have buds – there’s at least one flower open at the moment!

The apple tree had its first pruning by me. It gets easier as you get into it and it certainly looks a nice shape, with some branches that were certainly too long this year now a good bit shorter. The plum and pear tree have more to do, so I’ve taken photos of them to have a look at and plan in comfort.

I’ve put 50 anemone tubers in from halfway along the trellis and all around the apple tree. If they come up, they’ll look really good. I also saw more animal run holes, so I’m aware that these bulbs I’m planting may be subject to some rearrangement by other beings. While I was in that corner I cut down the Michaelmas daisy and bergamot. Lots added to the compost bin today and I packed some more earth onto the ledge to re-cover the metal bar that’s gradually started to become visible where I stand.

Mum dug over the whole big back bed and then we covered it with manure and then plastic. Another one done.

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