The pole is still standing! Mum and I spread all 3 bags of manure on the back potato bed. I misread the chart and we covered it with the wrong piece of plastic first, wondering at how large it was and yet it didn’t have a tuck mark down the middle. Then we did it right and moved on to cover the smaller potato bed. That had its own little mystery, because the plastic wasn’t long enough, but then we found the other piece, which had been rolled up separately! The staples haven’t been pushed down on that one yet, as it still needs manuring. There was just no point in leaving it open any longer for the weeds to kick back in.

Harvest-wise it was time to pull up some more carrots and beetroots. It’s a bit difficult to find a little snack-sized carrot for lunch nowadays. Those veg beds are rather weedy, but let’s face it, they’re likely to stay that way now until everything is cleared.

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