The sweet williams on the ledge look good – a testament to thinning out!

Some of the gladioli bulbs are coming up now. Must get the rest in the damn ground. All sort of things have started waking up in the last week, including weeds like bindweed.

I’ve put another white sweet pea in by the trellis, towards Mr B’s gate.

The beautiful new yellow geum has gone into Plum Corner. I’m hopeful that the lemon balm will fill in as it should, leaving pretty much just a little patch down at the front right to fill in. There are also seedlings of some kind coming up. I tried not to stand on too many.

After lunch I put the deep pink in on the left hand side, between the mint and the new amalgamation of verbena.

I worked on getting more grass and a big nettle out of the geums. I snapped off a few flower heads along the way, but there are plenty more to come. Some of the grass is going to be a matter of snapping it off, or waiting for autumn when the geums can be dug up more easily.

I also dug over and edged Bed 1. No wonder I’m pooped. It needs one more dig and then I need to put down a path so I can start broadcast sowing.