I’ve dug up the sweetcorn stalks at long last and done the weeding in that section. The robin buzzed by me a few times in a panic before coming to visit for a moment on the other side of the bed from me. We’ve not had any rain for ages (some forecast for tomorrow though) but the soil wasn’t hard, just dry and fairly powdery.

I’ve weeded and edged this side of the tomato bed, taking out all kinds of horrid things. I’ve also collected up lots of orchid nasturtium seed, which is now balanced in an overfilled pot on the back shelf in the shed.

I’ve weeded and edged this side of the bean bed too, which has made it look much better. I’ve also taken out a few big thistles and weeds from other beds, which kept catching my eye. One bean plant was nearly out of the ground, but I’ve put it back in and with any luck it’ll survive until tomorrow’s rain, because I was devoid of energy to do any needed watering.