It’s going to be hot tomorrow, so we did a quick water to try and give things a head start. It certainly seems like things are taking off now, with gourd vines taking off across the grass.

Happily the damaged / poorly plants are pursuing recovery. The bitter melons are all throwing out new leaves, including the one which barely has anything else left on the win. The eaten Marina di chioggia is also coming back.

The first runner bean flowers have appeared, although none of the plants are particularly tall yet.

Some of the sweetcorn stalks are unbelievably thick! They’re going to be fun to try and cut down for the compost heap later in the year. The gourds in the same bed are growing well, so it’s going to be a wonderfully Native American setup.

There are quite a few of these gourds on the plant in the front bed. A pretty standard shape, but a good success.