It was horribly hot, so I didn’t go to the plot on Saturday, but did a shift this afternoon. I’ve done a bunch of tear-up weeding and edging. I’ve split the French beans where two are in the same place. That’s now completed the row, with a little sunflower at the end.

When doing the tear-up weeding in front of the runner beans, I discovered a couple of volunteer tomatoes. There’s also one in the yin yang bed, which had tomatoes last year. They’re only small, but I’m intrigued to see what they might manage if I keep them watered. Tomatoes are so difficult to get to grow and then I get three volunteers!

This is the best climbing gourd. Ain’t it grand? I’ve redirected some of the vines up the netting. I think they’re going to happy to climb, I’ve just got to make sure they go in the right direction.

As well as this year being a good year for poppies, everyone’s beetroot seems to have large leaves. The roots aren’t very big yet, but look at those leaves!

I fed the tomatoes with tomato food for the first time today. I also gave some to the French beans and yin yang beans.

The alliums are finally showing signs of their purple colour. Three weeks until the party, so I’m starting to think about what I can show to Ken. My plan is to pull up all the nigella next week and that’s going to leave a whole load of holes. I’ve got a bunch of small plants still in the grow house, which can take up some of it, but I’m not sure they’ll manage to fill all of it satisfactorily.

There’s a big weed growing in the front bed, which I’m now leaving to see what it’s going to do. I don’t think it’s a self-sow from last year’s flowers, but it might be.

The first everlasting sweet pea flower is here. The 3 original plants are all doing really well and are doing s good job of covering a patch of fence. The 2 I bought this year and put in pots on the ledge are still struggling . They’re alive, but haven’t really bothered to climb. I need to make sure I at least don’t lose them.