I potted on the quinoa at home, with the hope they’ll get bigger. If they don’t perk up, I will make a compost line in the quinoa bed and pour in the seed and as well as putting in the plants.

At the plot I put out a few clary and gaillardia as tests to see if they’ll (a) get on and grow or (b) immediately be eaten by slugs. In the left bed I moved a few verbenas from the front to the back. The verbenas seem small this year, so I’m just moving the little seedlings next to them.

I finished sowing seed around beds 1 and 7. I used up all the meadow mix, put in cornflowers, flax, strawflowers and marigolds. Time to go for broke and hope that something comes up. I put poppy seeds all down the left bed. They’re free to grow any time in the boundary beds. The flower beds in the middle might go back to veg next year, so I could really do with the annual seeds actually growing this year!

I still had more plants to put in after three hours at the plot, but I felt broken, so had to stop. So once again there will be a selection of plants to greet me when I next open the shed door.