I went down to the plot in the afternoon and planted out 8 of the best quinoa seedlings. I gave them Miracle Gro, tied them to cane supports and put copper rings around them. I threw slug pellets everywhere, so with any luck they’ll make it!

I’ve lost one Red Alert tomato to a slug attack. I’ve left the munched plant in place for now, just in case it magically sprouts a new side shoot. One of the Velvet Curtains looks like it might have survived. The best one was bitten in half, so I don’t think that’ll come back. The green plant that was savaged by slugs early on has some signs of life and looks like it might grow something.

The angelonia has been despatched, so might be here at the weekend. There are areas like this that were sown with seeds, but only weeds have come up. These will be pulled/dug up as I put in the angelonia.

One of the bear’s breeches has grow a flower spike! It’s always worth doing a tour of the plot to check on everything.

The everlasting peas are doing well and getting flower buds. They might need a little rerouting from time to time as they’re interested in taking the shortest route to the top of the fence.

The front runner beans are doing well and I unwound a couple of them that had headed away from their own canes. The beans at the back are a little runtier in places, including empty canes waiting for resows for grow.

A couple of nasturtiums have come up at the obelisk. I wish more would come up – I can’t believe the germination rate is so bad this year. There’s quite a range of seedlings coming up in the compost in bed 7. There are a few large-leaved seedlings. I don’t know what they are yet. If they’re plantains, I’ll be very annoyed.