You can barely see them, but I’ve filled the chrysanthemum holes with zinnias instead. The plugs were just DOA. This bed now isn’t far off from being done, just as long as all these plants now grown and bulk. Some bedding plants might be needed later.

Not much is happening from the seed I’ve sown in Bed 3, so I’ve stuck some cornflowers in here, with the hope that they won’t mind the dryness.

A couple of rudbeckia grew well at home and I’ve put them in the front bed and by Mr B’s gate. The chocolate orange rudbeckia I was excited about never came to anything though.

I’ve put the last of the marigolds into the middle of the wigwams.

The first cosmos flowers, which managed to get flower buds before I could pinch them out. So they’ve been pinched this way instead.

I’ve now opened and dug what will probably be the sunflower bed. After a few false starts, some of the sunflowers don’t look too bad – though way behind what they were last year.

I’ve put a bunch of Californian poppies in with the ones that came up from seed.