A pretty windy, cold day today, so in the end, I decided not to go down to the allotment. I had some potting planned and ultimately spent all day doing that.

Top row: some tiny seedlings, now all in the same tray; plus the dahlias, all pinched.
Second row: Zinnias, almost all pinched. Many of them were badly hit by leafminers, but new foliage is now replacing those leaves. I’ve cut off all bad foliage so some plants look a bit spindly, but much healthier. The two other trays contain marigolds, coleus, snapdragons etc, which are all too small to go anywhere.
Third row: non-great calendulas, but now pinched; pretty good marigolds, pinched; reasonably straight cerinthe, pinched.

The remaining bendy cerinthe have now gone into the pot outside the conservatory.

Tomorrow I hope to get down to the allotment, as I have trays and trays of zinnias and cosmos and all sorts that need to be shoved into the ground and told to get on with it.