A beautifully sunny day, with no mad wind. In the morning, I did a lot of seed sewing. First of all I emptied the terracotta trough and sowed a line of mixed lettuce. I used the netting from one of my everlasting peas to try and keep the randy blackbirds off the compost.

In trays I sowed:

8 x Rudbeckia Chocolate Orange
8 x Rudbeckia Marmalade
8 x Coreopsis Early Sunrise
8 x Snapdragon Sachmo
8 x Penstemon
8 x Malope (from my own 2018 seed)
8 x Cosmos Peppermint Rock
8 x Cosmos Double Click
8 x Coleus

And in little pots:

5 x Ferline tomatoes
2 x Red Alert
2 x Sunflowers

At the allotment in the afternoon, I planted the white everlasting pea over at the trellis and then put gladioli in at places along the trellis, and by Bob’s gate.

I then weeded the whole triangle and along to where the mint starts. I was too knackered to even think about trying to get the grass out of the mint, so I’ve left it for now. I think it might be more a case of trying to keep the grass down rather than remove it. Before heading home I cleared a patch of weeds between the elder and the right hand side of the mint. There are a couple of little hawthorn seedlings that have self-sown and are growing quite happily.

The whole pear tree is blooming now 🙂