Busy day. In one shift I edged and weed picked the left boundary, bed 7, the veg bed, quinoa, zinnias, angelonia, the back mixed row of tomatoes. Thanks to the hot weather, the edging wasn’t too difficult.

I’d had enough of the ground by the shed looking so crappy, so used one of my buckets of clay to even out the soil, so that the pots could at least sit straight. It looks much better now.

In the cooler weather the beetroot and carrot resows have indeed germinated. So we should have enough of a harvest this year after all. Even the spinach, which I recently kicked over to blur the line of compost seems to be coming up here and there, so I’m back to needing to water that line. Might get something from it.  

I went back in the evening for more edging and weeding, with ABBA blasting in a nearby field. By the end of the day, only the pink bumblebee bed and the inside of bed 1 still needed weeding and edging.